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Setup Our VPN On Your Ipad


Setting up PPTP access on the Apple iPad

Setting up your VPN
Setting up vpn access on the Apple iPad is quick and easy. The following instructions will take you step by step in setting up your account over a PPTP connection.










2. Go to: General







3. Go to: Network









4. Go to: VPN










5. Go to: Add VPN Configuration















6. A name for the connection, ie: S4UVPN

























7. Server: Click here for list of servers you can use

8. Account: Your S4UVPN username
9. RSA securID: OFF
10. Password: Your S4UVPN password
11. Encryption Level: Auto ('None' if that setting fails to connect)
12. Send all traffic: On





13. Click 'Save'








14. Thats It!! You have now created a connection on your Apple iPad!

Turning the S4UVPN connection on or off

Once you've created the S4UVPN configuration, the VPN switch at the top of the

VPN Configurations list can be used to turn S4UVPN connection on or off.

Choose the S4UVPN configuration and tap or slide the switch to turn S4UVPN on or off.

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